‘Married With Children’: From Reunion To Possible Spinoff

Add Married With Children as one of those nostalgic shows that might make a comeback. Earlier, The Inquisitr reported the cast of the hit 80s show reunited for matriarch Katey Sagal’s Walk of Fame ceremony. Standing proudly with Sagal with bright smiles, David Faustino, Christina Applegate, and Ed O’Neil attended the 60-year-old’s career milestone.

Now sources say that a Married With Children spinoff might be in the works. Reported by E!, sources say Sony is considering a spinoff after people took to Twitter to express their enthusiasm about the cast reuniting. According to the report, the producers of the show are currently taking pitches for a character spinoff. The character? Anyone who isn’t too busy to pull it off.

These days, most of the cast is really busy working in the industry. Sagal is on her last season of Sons of Anarchy, Ed O’Neill is busy with Modern Family, and Christina Applegate ping pongs between films and reality shows. That leaves David Faustino, the actor that played the perverted teen Bud Bundy from 1987 to the show’s final season in 1997.

Rumors are swirling that this spinoff could very well center around Faustino’s Bud Bundy. AV Club reports a loose plot that’s floating around.

“It would revolve around a grown-up Bud Bundy, whose sex obsession is presumably now being treated through group counseling, with each episode a harrowing glimpse into the pathology of compulsion.”

As of right now, it’s not known who of the cast would join the spinoff or possibly make appearances, but it seems like Faustino is game for it.

Fans of the show seem up for the spinoff too, if not through the roof about it.

If this comes to fruition, it will join the other 80s/90s shows that are finding a special place on television. Boy Meets World currently has the spinoff show Girl Meets World on Disney, which has already greenlit the series for a second season. Then there’s those Full House rumors that were recently confirmed by John Stamos. Is Married With Children next?

Do you think a Bud Bundy spinoff would do well?

[Image via David Faustino’s Official Site]