Liam Payne Occasionally Enjoys Avoiding One Direction Fans

Just because Liam Payne enjoys his legion of faithful fans doesn’t necessarily mean he’s always willing to interact with them on the street.

When you’re in one of the biggest boy bands in the world, one of the problems you’ll frequently encounter is a mob of adoring females. Wherever you go, there they are. Even when Payne and his pals think they’ve secretly checked into a hotel, they discover a mob of teenage girls surrounding the building in the middle of the night. While that might sound spectacular, apparently Liam gets a little tired of all the attention.

During his chat with Cosmopolitan UK (by way of Cover Media), Liam Payne discussed his ability to blend in with crowds during the band’s U.S. tour. For example, while visiting New York City, the singer enjoyed the city without bumping into any Directioners.

While this technique may not work everywhere — especially now that we’re discussing Payne’s penchant for going incognito — apparently, his ability to blend in with the commoners was good enough to allow him to walk the streets of the Big Apple unnoticed.

“I actually really like being undercover. Not under covers, although that does make me happy too. But, like, when I was in [New York toy store] FAO Schwarz and literally no one came up to me; I was just walking around with everyone completely unaware. It was really nice. Until this guy came over to me and was like, ‘Hey man, where’d you score the corn?’ He just wanted to know where to get popcorn! I was like, ‘Over there!'”

Whatever you do, please don’t assume that Liam Payne is growing tired of all the success One Direction is enjoying these days. In fact, he loves touring with his bandmates, and he couldn’t see doing anything without them. During a chat with Hollywood Life, Payne explained that touring with world with his fellow “scumbags” is beyond cool.

“[I]t’s nice to have somebody there every day who’s going through exactly the same stuff you are. It’s beautiful being in this position but it’s also difficult at times. It’s nice to have guys you can turn to.”

Are you surprised Liam Payne was able to enjoy the sights and sounds of New York City without bumping into any One Direction fans?

[Lead image via The Huffington Post]