Michael Muhney: His ‘Y&R’ Return As Adam Newman Considered, But Only One Actress Supported It

Soap opera actor, Michael Muhney, almost returned to his role as Adam Newman on The Young and the Restless, but not enough people rallied around him at the studio for a comeback.

According to Radaronline, producers and executives met with Muhney to discuss rehiring him for the role he famously played on the hit CBS soap. He was fired last December for allegedly groping a co-star’s breasts and sexually harassing her. Hunter King, who portrays Summer Newman, is the actress Muhney had allegedly groped. Since the fallout from his departure, a lot of backfire occurred. King was targeted by Michael’s fans — blaming her for the show getting rid of him.

A source explains that “informal talks” secretly took place between Michael and the producers.

“Informal talks between producers of Y & R and Michael Muhney’s camp began earlier this summer. Michael really wanted to come back and play the role he loved. Willing to do whatever it took to make everyone comfortable, Michael promised to be on his best behavior.”

The insider alleges that hiring Michael Muhney back to The Young and the Restless almost happened until the cast found out about it.

“It really looked like it was going to happen, until the cast found out. Led by veteran Doug Davidson, the cast felt betrayed by the move. Everyone had moved on from the difficult time, so for this to be happening was shocking. The cast said if Muhney was re-hired, they would essentially boycott and not film.”

Apparently only one actress was in support of Michael coming back to the show. Sharon Case, who portrays Sharon Newman, really wanted to see her former co-star come back to the Y&R canvas.

“Sharon was truly looking forward to working with Michael again. She didn’t like the storyline of her character, and thought Muhney would spice up her scenes once again. She is very isolated from the rest of the cast because she firmly stands in Michael’s corner.”

Sharon Case was pictured with Michael Muhney when the two of them and their families were in Hawaii at the same time a few months ago. The two appeared to be on good terms and remain friends in spite of the scandal.

On August 13, Muhney let fans know via Twitter that something was up. On August 14, he cleared up any speculations that he was returning to Y&R.

 As The Inquisitr just reported, actor Justin Hartley will take over the role of Adam Newman. Hartley portrayed Patrick on Revenge as Victoria Grayson’s long lost son. Michael Muhney congratulated the actor on Twitter and informed fans that they get along well.

[Image via Fox 411]