Viral Video Showing A ‘Prank’ Gay Wedding Reveals Humiliating And Painful ‘Gay Tests’ Conducted By Egyptian ‘Doctors’

Being gay is a matter of personal opinion, and sexual orientation of a person isn’t a matter of concern in many parts of the world. However, Egypt not only considers homosexuals as criminals, but Egyptian moral police often arrest men and subject them to humiliating and painful tests to physically determine if they are gay.

Being gay is a crime in Egypt, plain and simple. But determining the sexual orientation of a person, especially if you prefer the same sex, might prove a bit tricky. But it is not hard for Egyptian “doctors.” These physicians of rather questionable repute conduct ‘tests’ on men arrested by the local police force.

As the Inquisitr just reported, seven men were picked up by Egypt’s police force on suspicion that they were gay and hence were liable for punishment. Their arrest was the result of a ‘wedding’ that reportedly took place in a bar in Egypt. The video shows a man offering a wedding ring to another, who accepts and the two appear to kiss in celebration of the occasion.

Such a video might not have risen more than few curious eyebrows in the rest of the world, but in Egypt it has caused uproar, with citizens demanding the men be identified at the earliest and put to death. Middle Eastern countries often kill the people by horrible techniques like beheading and stoning them to death for ‘crimes’ like these.

However, as luck would have it, the ‘doctors’ who conducted these “Gay Tests” to determine if the two men indulged in any homosexual activity (read consensual sex), did not find any ‘evidence,’ reported The Daily Mail.

The ‘Gay test’ is usually a multi-cavity search, involving mostly the anal cavity. These “doctors,” try to hunt for traces of semen since gay men are believed to indulge regularly in anal sex. Needless to say, these ‘tests’ have no scientific basis and have been regularly and strongly condemned by global health authorities, reported Pink News.

Though these men have received a clean chit from the “doctors,” they will still have to faces criminal charges of inciting debauchery and spreading images that “violate public decency.” This is because, the video released on YouTube, is believed by the local authorities to be, “extremely humiliating, regrettable and would anger God.”

Egypt has apparently stepped up its efforts to “cleanse” its country of such same-sex couples and its police have been cracking down on the gay community apparent from a surge in raids and arrests earlier this year.

[Image Credit | The Feminist Wire]