WWE: Ric Flair Ripped Off Ring Of Honor, Claims Cary Silkin

While WWE fans may go “woo” when Ric Flair enters the scene, former Ring Of Honor wrestling owner Cary Silkin has a slightly different impression of the Nature Boy.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, when Ric Flair did the ice bucket challenge it was classic Nature Boy at work, but that’s nothing compared to the story of how Flair once saw Andre the Giant consume 106 beers in five hours. Speaking of classic, Roddy Pipper did not have many kind words for Flair, ripping him up and down with insults. Of course, Piper also had a few things to say about Vince McMahon, TNA, and whatever else happened to be annoying him.

Piper and Cary Silkin might be able to start a Flair hate club since it seems neither have the greatest opinion of the man. Recently, Silkin lashed out at the Nature Boy on Twitter, claiming Flair hosed Ring Of Honor for a whopping sum of $40,000. Due to language issues, The Inquisitr can’t embed the tweet directly, but this is what Silkin had to say.

“I was f****d by @RicFlairNatrBoy for 40K and it’s less than others if u have any balls retweet this @ScrapDaddyAP@KINGCorino@Highspots”

In response, Adam Pearce had this to say.

“Sadly, RTing won’t bring back the cash. We all make our beds. Hmmm. I know… KICKSTARTER! (I want 10%)”

This caused Silkin to give a little bit more information about the situation he was referring to.

“@ScrapDaddyAP your right Adam but he walked out on your ROH show in NYC and we still kicked ass that night @RicFlairNatrBoy = Scumbag”

So does Ring Of Honor have a legitimate beef with Ric Flair? Back in 2009, the Nature Boy was hired to be a ROH ambassador and a PR figure that would represent the company. According to a lawsuit filed by the company, this lasted for only one appearance before Flair allegedly walked out on Ring Of Honor while still holding the money. The worst part was that when Flair did show up for his paid TV appearance, he reportedly told the live audience that he was only leaving Ring Of Honor due to his relationship with the WWE. In the end, the lawsuit was never settled, which explains the heat coming from Silkin even after five years.