Fox News Pundit: Ray Rice Getting His ‘B***s Ripped Off’ By ‘Anti-Testicular Police’

Ray Rice, the former Baltimore Ravens star running back whose contract was terminated Monday, and who was suspended indefinitely from NFL football after shocking video of Rice knocking out his then-fiancée with a vicious punch to the face was made public, is a victim of a group known as “the Anti-Testicular Police,” according to a Fox News commentator.

But the suggestion by lawyer and frequent Fox News panelist Tamara Holder that Rice was simply a victim of those who would seek to rob him of his masculinity was too much even for the extremely conservative Fox News host Sean Hannity, and anther panelist on Tuesday night’s broadcast, Dagen McDowell.

“I think it’s interesting that the anti-testicular police are coming out and just taking this guy’s balls and ripping them off and not paying attention to the fact that there is a family here,” Holder told Hannity, adding that the victim of Rice’s attack, Janay Palmer — who has since become Janay Rice — “played a role” in her own assault.

Perhaps realizing that her comments could easily be interpreted as defending Rice and blaming his victim, Holder hastily added that, “nobody deserves to be hit.”

Hannity, however, delivered a rebuke to Holder.

“There’s a rule in life, Tamara, that every man understands: you never lay a hand on a woman, period,” he said.

Holder countered that she was not “defending his behavior,” but she nonetheless appeared to go on portraying Ray Rice as a victim in the affair.

“Where do we draw the line with just attacking somebody, ruining their life, firing them for life?” she said. “He’s going to lose his home.”

McDowell then also rebuked Holder, saying that “line” was drawn with Rice because he is a public figure and the assault happened in a public place — and has now been witnessed publicly on video.

“Somebody actually tweeted to me that this was the ‘war on men,'” said McDowell. “That is the most disgusting thing that I have ever heard, because not enough people stand up for the women who aren’t famous who get the crap beat out of them every single day.”

The idea that American society is waging a “war on men,” systematically stripping men of their rights and social standing, has been a popular theme on Fox News and in conservative circles, exemplified by the 2013 book The War On Men by another Fox News contributor and popular conservative writer and speaker, Suzanne Venker.

Ray Rice, though he is certain to suffer significant financial setbacks as the result of losing his NFL employment, is not be likely to become homeless anytime soon. He currently has an estimated personal net worth of $14 million and earned more than $30 million in salary and bonuses just since July of 2012 — and likely millions more from various endorsement an merchandising contracts.