94-Year-Old Flower Girl: Grandma Warms Hearts As Bride’s Flower Girl

A 94-year-old flower girl was seen at a wedding in Rockford, Michigan, and her role in the ceremony is making headlines. Huffington Post reports that Helen Kavanagh served as a flower girl at a wedding for her granddaughter, Laura VanPelt.

The wedding took place Saturday afternoon, and some of the guests were surprised to see Laura’s grandmother take on a role typically reserved for young girls. MLive reports that Laura asked her grandma to be her flower girl last Christmas. Kavanagh found it hard to believe at first.

“When she asked me, I just laughed. I thought she was kidding, of course.

“But then she said ‘No, grandma, I’m not. I want you to be my flower girl.”

The 94-year-old was honored to be Laura’s flower girl. Her part in the wedding took about 30 minutes and added a nice touch to the ceremony held outdoors at Laura’s parents’ house.

Helen Kavanagh gracefully walked down the aisle as she cast rose petals with a big smile on her face and laughing with the guests. She had a lace-covered cane in one hand and a basket of flowers in the other.

“When I tell people I was the flower girl, it’s quite a surprise,” she says.

Some even doubt this energetic grandma was a flower girl. Kavanagh shares that there were a few people who didn’t believe her.

For Kavanagh, she cosiders it “the biggest thrill I’ve ever had I think.”

Helen Kavanagh was born one of 12 children. She had nine of children with her husband, Lawrence. He died 30 years ago from cancer. Kavanagh has 11 grandchildren, four great-grandchildren, and another on the way.

The Kavanagh’s oldest son was killed when he was 11 years old. A car struck him while he was riding his bike.

Kavanagh says she “never takes naps” and keeps really busy with friends in her age group. This woman is someone many are inspired by because of her attitude and rewarding life.

The whole family enjoyed having an older flower girl at the wedding. It certainly put a big smile on Helen Kavanagh’s face to be in her granddaughter’s wedding in such a unique role that really complimented her.

Now that a 94-year-old grandma has made being a flower girl seem cool, will there be other brides considering the same thing for their weddings? Almost anything goes when it comes to weddings and what brides want. This could be a great option.

[Image via MLive]