Hot And Sassy! Cameron Diaz Designs Shoes And Handbags!

We all know Cameron Diaz for her acting skills, but many people don’t realize that Diaz has now delved into the world of fashion. Since 2013, Diaz has collaborated with the designer brand Pour La Victoire, according to The Independent.

While Diaz’s level of ownership with the company is not publicly known, she carries the title of Artistic Director. Diaz has decided to work directly within the design process, as opposed to attaching her stardom and face with Pour La Victoire for marketing.

If you are a woman who loves shoes and handbags — and what woman doesn’t? — then you will love the new sassy styles Cameron Diaz has designed for the fall 2014 lineup. Bustle reports that if you are looking for anything from “booties and stilettos” with a New York flair, then look no further than Diaz’s Pour la Victoire collection.

“When I first started working on the Pour La Victoire shoe collection, the fashion at the moment was really high, high platforms. It wasn’t something I was wearing necessarily because I have so much height already.”

This fall’s designs are actually more functional but without losing the great look of a heel. Isn’t that every woman’s dream come true. Diaz always looks fab, but The Independent reveals her discussing her practical side, as well.

“I’m such a stickler for shoes and function. And that’s what we are getting back to with this line — function. Because functionally you want something that looks good on the foot but stays on the foot and doesn’t require a lot of work to do so.”

Yes, keeping your shoes on your feet is a rather basic necessity. No woman likes to struggle to keep her shoes on while walking.

One other last aspect that Diaz made new this fall is the awesome array of colors that pop. No more dreary browns and blacks for the fall and winter. Now women can enjoy all sorts of fun colors on their feet.

In keeping in line with practical, let’s talk price. Bustle reports that Cameron Diaz’s Pour La Victoire designer shoes will range from $195 to $495. Diaz’s assortment of handbags are also all the rage with a variety of styles and sizes.

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