September 10, 2014
Westboro Baptist Church Taunted By Pro-God, Pro Gay Billboard

In the latest news on Westboro Baptist Church (WBC), the controversial organization commonly referred to as a hate group, the WBC got a taste of its own medicine -- by way of a billboard project in Kansas.

Dustin Lake, the project manager behind the effort to spread good messages about the Lord while empowering gays and lesbians, started an IndieGogo crowdfunding effort on August 9 with the goal to raise $50,000. The funds raised will be used to erect a "God Loves Gays" billboard in Topeka, Kansas and provide subsidies to programs that assist in the welfare of those in the LGBT community.

In short, the project's message is the antithesis to that of Westboro Baptist Church, which is known to spread hate and toxic ideology against homosexuals, military veterans, politicians, celebrities, Jews and other notable figures by protesting their funerals. Recently, WBC threatened to protest the funeral for Joan Rivers.

Lake runs the God Lord Above Facebook page, which has nearly 1.8 million likes. The page, listed under "comedian," purports to be Jehovah God himself. Using the page's reach, he and his legion of followers hatched the idea to troll Westboro in a way that reveals the acrimony and enmity the group's messages are based on. On the surface, the billboard campaign against the Baptist church group appears to be working as evidenced by the response thus far.

Tiered packages offer a number of rewards; the Disciple (allows you to get updates to the campaign against Westboro and the intrinsic feeling of knowing you're fighting bigotry) to the Divine (a number of perks to a "God Loves Gays poster SIGNED BY GOD HIMSELF!").

Westboro spokesperson, Shirley Phelps-Roper, sent an email response on the Topeka billboard, and the Baptist church was not too pleased about the fanfare behind positive message for lesbians and gays.

"Thank God for that lying billboard! Every soul that sees it will either rejoice for the lie and the vain hope of afflicting the servants of God at WBC. Or, they will sigh and mourn for that awful sin and all the parts of it, knowing that every single soul that weighed in with money or words, in favor of that lying billboard, will stand before God in the Judgment, so very ashamed. Knowing also, that when they stand before God in the judgment, it will be TOO LATE for repentance, and eternal torment will follow."
As of this writing, the God Loves Gays billboard project against Westboro Baptist Church has raised $87,357 (175 percent of its goal) with 29 days to go. Of note; Kickstarter denied listing of the project because "God is not a project," according to Mashable.

Imagine that?

[Image via: IndieGoGo]