Nicki Minaj Reveals Pinkprint Release Date On Twitter, Sports Diamond Bra At Fashion Rocks

Nicki Minaj fans won't have too much longer to wait until they can get a whole new album of material from the "Anaconda" rapper. Minaj took to her Twitter account late Tuesday to reveal the release date for The Pinkprint, her third studio album.

Minaj put it simply in a Tweet Tuesday evening, saying simply: 11.24 The Pinkprint. That gives us just over two months to prepare for what's been built up as a return to true emcee spitting form for Nicki, a welcome relief since Minaj's last two albums were had a more pop-heavy aesthetic.

Minaj has said that she would like for The Pinkprint to lay out a path for female rappers, much as Jay Z did with his own album, The Blueprint.

"It's gonna feel so good," Nicki said to Power 105.1 FM, "and it will probably be one that female rappers will look to as a 'pink print' for years to come."

The Pinkprint already has considerable buzz, what with the runaway success of the lead single, "Anaconda." The video for that single has turned into something of a pop phenomenon, with more than 140 million online views and counting. It has also spawned no shortage of parodies and controversy, as it features a scantily clad Nicki twerking and gyrating as she raps over a sample from Sir Mix-A-Lot's seminal track "Baby Got Back."

Since "Anaconda" debuted, Nicki has been on the grind promoting the single and The Pinkprint. She rocked the house at the MTV VMAs a couple of weeks back, twerking it out to "Anaconda" and "Bang Bang," barely avoiding a wardrobe malfunction as she performed. More recently, she reenacted the video with a few less well-endowed models at New York Fashion Week, resulting in a series of Vines that have to be seen to be believed.

Continuing the publicity tour for The Pinkprint, Minaj took the stage Tuesday at Fashion Rocks, sporting a denim miniskirt and a diamond-encrusted bra. This is a thing that happened, and it was sparkly. As Hollywood Life notes, Drake was not in attendance to get another lapdance like he does in the "Anaconda" video, but perhaps the Canadian rapper was busy dealing with legal drama from his alleged ghostwriter.

Minaj's Pinkprint is sure to make a splash when it releases in November, but the question remains as to whether it can surpass Iggy Azalea's The New Classic in terms of impact. Minaj and Azalea, you may remember, had a feud/non-feud this past summer after Azalea crashed onto the scene with the runaway hit, "Fancy."

That track had hip-hop neophytes talking crazy, saying that Azalea was the new queen of the genre. Nicki appeared to throw shade at the Aussie newcomer at an awards show, seemingly implying that Iggy had a ghostwriter. This, of course, turned into a whole thing on the internet, and eventually both rappers took to their social media accounts to squash rumors of any lingering beef.

Now Nicki is getting ready to release her own album, and the question is whether The Pinkprint can not only match Iggy's effort, but also whether it can stand out in what is sure to be a jam-packed second half of 2014.

[Lead image via Hollywood Life.]