Adam Matos: Quadruple Homicide Suspect Claims Innocence

Adam Matos remains the lone suspect in a quadruple homicide that gripped the nation. Matos is accused of killing his former girlfriend, her parents and her boyfriend, in late August. The suspect is further accused of kidnapping a 4-year-old boy and holding him captive in a Florida hotel room.

On August 28, the Pasco County Sheriff's Department received reports of a "domestic incident" in Hudson, Florida. When they responded to the home, the occupants were gone. The deputies were concerned, as they found blood inside the garage.

As they continued to search the property, the deputies noted a strong odor of decomposition. As reported by The Morning Call, they eventually discovered the bodies of four people in a tidal canal near the home.

The victims were later identified as Megan Brown, 27; Nicholas Leonard, 37; and Margaret and Gregory Brown, both 52. Authorities were terribly concerned, as Megan's 4-year-old autistic son was missing.

Megan's former boyfriend, Adam Matos, was identified as the primary suspect in the quadruple homicide and kidnapping. He was later apprehended at the Floridan Palace Hotel. Fortunately, the 4-year-old boy was also found -- unharmed. Although it was not confirmed, Matos claims the boy is his biological son.

Matos was arrested and charged with numerous counts of aggravated assault. He remains incarcerated on $200,000 bond.

In a jailhouse interview, Adam Matos has proclaimed his innocence. As reported by Tampa Bay News, Matos claims he was living with Megan, her son, and her parents, until the morning of August 28. Although the couple ended their relationship, Matos decided to stay in Florida to remain close to his son. According to Matos, he and Megan remained friends and "ended things on good terms.

Although he admits he and Megan argued on the morning of August 28, Matos claims he left the home before the homicide occurred.

During the interview, Matos revealed Megan had been dating Nicholas Leonard. Matos suggests Leonard's former girlfriend may have committed the quadruple homicide in a fit of rage.

According to Matos, the unidentified woman was stalking Nicholas and Megan. He also stated that the woman threatened Megan's life on more than one occasion.

Although he provides some interesting details, Matos was unable to explain why he kidnapped the 4-year-old boy or why he went into hiding.

Despite his denial and alternate explanation, Adam Matos remains the primary suspect in the quadruple homicide. He has not been charged with murder. However, authorities said the charges are currently pending.

[Image via Daily News]