WWE News: Former WWE Superstar Sean O’Haire Found Dead In His Home

In sad news today, it has been confirmed that former WCW and WWE Superstar Sean O’Haire, 43, was found dead on Monday in his South Carolina home. The news came out yesterday from Tributes.com in their Obituary section. When more was released regarding O’Haire, it seemed that he was going through a lot before his death. While an autopsy still has to be done and is scheduled, we will not know everything for a few weeks.

It was confirmed that former WWE Superstar Sean O’Haire was depressed. He had been dealing with issues regarding his career and outside ventures.

Sean O’Haire was a terrific WWE Superstar. He debuted in WWE during the Invasion angle WWE put on after the company bought WCW. WWE had both WCW and ECW under their banner, and the dream idea of WCW vs. WWE was capable of happening. O’Haire was one of WCW’s rising young stars, and one that had a lot of promise. He had a great look, which WWE loved at the time. He was good on the mic as well, which allowed him to have various roles when he could not wrestle. On top of that, he was a skilled wrestler.

He came in as a tag team performer and was actually the last WCW Tag Team Champion along with Chuck Palumbo. Before this, he won the WCW Tag Gold twice with Mark Jindrak. After the invasion angle played out, WWE pretty much could’t use him, and he and Chuck were lost in the shuffle. Both ended up returning, but it seemed Sean was primed for a hot character. He was promoted as a dark, preacher type of guy who tried coming off as a prophet.

Sean O'Haire, Sean Stasiask

The edgy prophet type of character was interesting for fans. He was similar to the way Bray Wyatt is now. However, O’Haire was an army of one and had a lot more freedom in the TV-14 environment. He would do little vignettes to introduce the character and say things that made you think. WWE allowed this to go on for quite some time until he debuted and began getting over relatively well as a heel.

Sadly, the character did not last long, and he was unable to do much after that. He was then released in April of 2004 and went on to other ventures.

He spent time as a Kickboxer and MMA Fighter and even tried his hand at acting, but nothing really panned out. He was also in trouble with the law quite a lot as he was arrested for several assaults. He tried coming back and doing well, and he opened a barbershop in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

It was said that this was where the former WWE Superstar Sean O’Haire went into a depression. He was abusing drugs and clearly this is never a good combination. It is uncertain if drugs played a part in his death or not. However, those close to the former WWE Superstar claim it could be the culprit. Sean leaves behind one son named Theodore.

In my opinion, due to his talent and everything he brought to the table, Sean O’Haire was possibly one of the best WWE Superstars you never heard of. He didn’t pan out in WWE, especially in a time when so many great stars were coming up. However, he was a good performer. While he has been gone from WWE for a decade now, many who saw him can tell you he was worthy of being a WWE Performer. He will be missed. Our condolences to his family and friends. Rest in peace, Sean.

[Images Via accelerator3359.com, and pl.wwe.com]