WWE News: WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose’s Return Date Revealed

After reading the headline, it is entirely possible many of you jumped for joy, screamed “HOORAY” in the middle of your stunned office or simply nodded your head in acceptance. Well, the Lunatic Fringe is on his way back to the WWE and just in time for the Night of Champions pay-per-view, hopefully.

Dean Ambrose left WWE three weeks ago to film a movie, Lockdown, a WWE production that will likely be a great movie because Ambrose stars in the flick. Regardless of the obvious disconnect between Hollywood and WWE, Ambrose can flat-out act and will be considered for deranged and psychotic movie parts.

Dean Ambrose

The WWE Universe as a whole wonders when Ambrose will be back on WWE programming. Even though it was a huge mistake letting him take time off when he was skyrocketing to popularity, wrestling fans still clamor for the antics of Ambrose. Seth Rollins curb stomped his head into the cinderblocks and Ambrose left WWE TV that day to go film Lockdown.Wrestlezone.com is now reporting that Ambrose’s TV return date is official.

“WWE has added Dean Ambrose to the September 22nd Raw taping, which is the night after the Night of Champions PPV on the 21st.”

“There was speculation that Ambrose might be done filming “Lockdown” in time to return at the PPV, and while that is still possible, WWE has officially added Ambrose to Raw the next night, which takes place at The FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee.”

Ambrose needs to return to WWE as soon as possible. No matter what, I still think letting him leave to film a movie was a poor move by the WWE. He is the top face in the company. Unless a top star has succumbed to injury, there is no excuse to take him out during a very good feud when he is building amazing heat.


If Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar weren’t dominating on the stick and in the ring, Rollins and Ambrose would be the no. 1 feud in WWE. Those two guys debuted only three years ago, and now they’re in the main event. First off, whoever said they wouldn’t succeed was dead wrong.

Some outlets are reporting that Ambrose won’t be at Night of Champions. WWE should know that not having Ambrose return for a mid-major pay-per-view would be a mistake of epic proportions. They need Ambrose right now. Especially since Randy Orton will take on Chris Jericho at the show, Rollins, Reigns and Kane need something to do. There was a plan to have Reigns and Ambrose take on Rollins and Orton or Kane. Now that’s off the table, Ambrose might not be coming back till the night after.

No matter the result, Ambrose simply needs to come back. Even without his absence, people still tune in to hear Ambrose’s name. WWE isn’t stupid; well, that’s subjective I guess. They need to capitalize on one of their biggest names to make Night of Champions a successful show.

[Image via wrestlestars.com and dailywrestlingnews.com]