Obama To Outline His Strategy For Destroying ISIS In Rare Prime-Time Address To Nation

Barack Obama is set to address the nation today in a prime-time TV slot in order to outline his strategy for destroying the terrorists of ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

According to recent comments made by the Commander-in-Chief's spokespeople, the administration wants to ask Congress to approve the arming and training of Syrian opposition forces which can then fight against ISIS instead of sending in U.S. ground troops.

A number of administration officials said Obama sees congressional authorization for a Syrian train-and-equip mission as a strong signal to allies who are considering similar efforts in the war on terror.

Today, in a rare TV address, the president intends to specify precisely what action will be taken in the Middle East to protect U.S. interests, as well as presenting a broader strategy which could include more wide-ranging airstrikes against targets in Iraq, and possibly in Syria, as reported by Fox News.

Republican Rep. Howard "Buck" McKeon, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, thinks that Obama's TV address is too little, too late, "As a practical matter, I don't really see the time that it would take to really get this out and have a full debate and discuss all the issues," he said.

The issue for Obama is that he is a "man of peace" and, some would say, "appeasement," and his worldview doesn't quite allow him to see the terrorists of ISIS as bad, especially considering that he ran for president on a pledge to end the war in Iraq.

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And there may be more to the timing of Obama's TV address, considering it comes the day before the anniversary of the 9/11 Twin Tower attacks in New York by Al Qaeda.

The fact that the president has thus far ruled out the option of sending U.S. troops back into Iraq means he is presented with a difficult problem as to how best to deal with Islamic terror.

Even though limited airstrikes against ISIS positions in Iraq have been carried out on the instructions Obama at the invitation of the Iraqi government ther has been no formal authorization from Congress. Consequently, the scope of America's involvement has been limited to protecting immediate U.S. interests only.

Hopefully, following Obama's address to the nation today, the world will be clear as to what action the U.S. administration intends to take in the war on terror against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.