Miss America 2014: Former Miss Delaware Amanda Longacre Refuses To Watch, Seeks Millions In Lawsuit

Miss America 2014 may have many eyes glued to the TV but at least one person is refusing to watch. Former Miss Delaware Amanda Longacre became well known for losing her state crown after winning, and she now says she plans on focusing on family instead of beauty pageants.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, another beauty queen named Natalie McGovern is the current reigning Ms. Nebraska United States 2014, and she claims the Miss America beauty pageant took back her crown and also revoked her scholarship in a similar manner to the ex-Miss Delaware. The Miss America 2014 pageant also had a bit of excitement tonight because Miss Rhode Island collapsed on the stage and paramedics took her to the hospital.

The former Miss Delaware lost her crown based upon a technicality, because she was “too old” by only a few months. Miss America pageant rules state that contestants must not only be no older than 24, but they also cannot turn 25 before the end of the year. But Longacre had given the Miss America Organization (MAO) documentation of her date of birth ahead of time, and they let her compete despite the age issue.

Due to the scandal, the MAO promised to reinstate her scholarship, although Longacre also sought $3 million in damages in a lawsuit. Apparently, this lawsuit is still ongoing, with Longacre hoping to settle for money although getting her title back as Miss Delaware would only be notable for the history of the organization since it’s too late to be involved in the Miss America 2014 pageant at this point.

Regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit, Longacre does not plan on watching who will be crowned Miss America 2014 on Sunday, September 14. “I’m going to be focusing on my family that night, and just trying to get away and relax a little bit,” she said. When Longacre lost her crown, the first runner-up was Brittany Lewis, who is currently competing. But Longacre does not hold a grudge against the woman who took her place on the big stage.

“I wish her the best of luck,” said Longacre. “I really do. I truly do. I wish the best of luck to the contestants. I know for a fact that they’re all hard-working women, and I don’t wish badly on the competition at all.”

Do you think former Miss Delaware Amanda Longacre deserved to participate in the Miss America 2014 beauty pageant?