University Of Maryland Expresses Patriotic Homage To Our Great Nation Through Football Team’s Uniform [VIDEO]

Football season is upon us, which is something many of us here in the United States actually look forward to. With all the news of which teams will compete in the upcoming 2014 to 2015 NFL season, many of us tend to forget there is also college football that needs attending to as well.

Here on The Inquisitr, we have kept you up-to-date with news pertaining to college football, including where one could watch live streams of Notre Dame vs. Michigan and Texas A&M vs. South Carolina. Then there is the news about Michael Sam, a football player who recently came out as gay. Michelle Obama is supporting his decision to no longer hide his lifestyle choice, and he might become the first gay player in the NFL after his college tenure.

So college football fever is hitting hard among football fans now, but there are now reports of the University of Maryland showing their support for this great nation. How they are doing it is innovative too because they’re showing their American pride through their football team’s uniform.

According to The Huffington Post, the University of Maryland along with their partner Under Armour unveiled some new football uniforms for a game against West Virginia on Saturday. The new uniform goes heavy with patriotism, as it features a War of 1812 theme, complete with an image of Fort McHenry and the lyrics of our national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner” emblazoned on helmets.

The Blaze followed up on the story, in which they reported the reasons why the University of Maryland decided to make such special uniforms, as stated in a press release.

“This weekend, the Terrapin football team will take the field in a historically inspired uniform that pays homage to the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Baltimore at Fort McHenry and the Star Spangled Banner.”

Kudos are being given to Under Armour too. As of late, the sports clothing company had been in the news for progressive directions in sports. Traditionally a football clothing company, Under Armour is now supporting theatrical dancers and ballet, in which they created a phenomenal video starring Misty Copeland, who is the current lead soloist for the American Ballet Theatre.

Now that you’ve read about (and seen) the new uniform the University of Maryland will use for their football team, we want to know what you think, especially from all you football fans. Do you think this is a positive nod to honoring the United States of America, or is it exploiting our history for attention? Please let us know in the comments below.

[Images via University of Maryland]