Ashley Tisdale Got Married?! Meet Her Husband and See Pics of Her Dress Here!

Ashley Tisdale took herself off of the market on Monday evening by getting married!

That’s right! Actress Ashley Tisdale officially married her musician boyfriend Christopher French, according to a statement given to PEOPLE Magazine by her official rep.

Using her own official Instagram, Facebook and Twitter profiles on Tuesday, Ashley was able to confirm her nuptials to her fans and followers with the following message and picture:

She also posted this beautiful picture of herself along with her bridal party – which included none other than her BFF and fellow actress Vanessa Hudgens.

Back in May, when Vanessa accompanied Ashley Tisdale to Miami for her all-girls trip and bachelorette party, she had a moment to reflect on just how fast time flies:

“It’s so crazy, because I just think of us as having fun and being silly and the fact that she is getting married, my mind is kind of exploding.”

Well, Vanessa Hudgens was definitely there to see the whole thing happen, and now, the world has photographic evidence to prove it!

Ashley Tisdale is mostly known for her breakthrough supporting role in the popular High School Musical films from the Disney Channel. Christopher French is the lead singer of the band Annie Automatic. Ashley and Christopher first made their relationship public back in December of 2012. Less than a year after they publicized their relationship, Christopher French popped the life-changing question to Ashley Tisdale at the top of the Empire State Building.

But, how were they able to keep their wedding date and nuptials a secret for so long? It seems like most celebrity weddings recently have been leaked to the public through the press and media far in advance of the actual date. It is clear that even though Ashley Tisdale is a popular actress with over 12.3 million followers on Twitter alone, she still respects her own privacy. Tisdale wanted to be able to fully experience these wonderful moments of her life first before exposing them to the rest of the world. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, Ashley!

Since the official announcement and confirmation of her wedding was posted on Tuesday, many fans and followers have had a chance to express their thoughts and honest reactions on Twitter. Some admitted that they definitely did not see this one coming:

But others have simply used Twitter to congratulate Ashley Tisdale (aka Mrs. French) and Christopher French (aka Ashley Tisdale’s husband) on sharing their matrimonial commitment to each other with the rest of the world.

[Images Via Instagram]