Justin Bieber Strips Down To Boxers On Fashion Rocks Stage & Steals The Show [Video]

Justin Bieber stripped down to Calvin Klein boxers on CBS’s odd “Fashion Rocks” event in Brooklyn, New York on Tuesday night.

To light to heavy boos. Which – unbelievably – then stopped, as if even the haters couldn’t quite believe what was going down as they recorded the moment on their smartphones.

And what was going down was the 20-year-old Biebs’ jeans, black tank top and sneakers. Until the pride of Stratford stood before all of America in mostly black Calvins.

Is this the de facto announcement of the “Confident” singer’s rumored underwear model contract with Calvin Klein?

Rumor has it, yes.

So how did Bieber measure up?

Well, those long hours in the gym have paid off. Although clearly nervous — from the way he fluffed every line, apart from “Is that better?” which he asked co-host model Lara Stone — the ripped and (as it turns out) very much in proportion singer faced down being booed at the Barclays Center.

While nearly buck naked and smiling.

Say what you will about Justin Bieber. But standing up on a “Fashion Rocks” stage in just boxers, with his press and in Brooklyn — takes balls. Literally and metaphorically.

Obviously we’re in a state of shock at the Canadian’s not planned (yup, right) strip-tease.

Not unlike the young girl’s voice-over in this vine.

She speaks garbles for us all.

Did anyone even watch the rest of the show?

We’re vaguely aware that a Union-Jack wearing Rita Ora butchered her way through Brit icon David Bowie’s “Fashion” hit, which Bieber endearingly attempted to introduce.

But, to be frank, we were already flagging at Pitbull’s laughable performance, and that was near the start of CBS’ back-after-six-years music meets fashion event.

The Ryan Seacrest-hosted affair offered some moments of brief aliveness But, despite the game efforts of JLo, JHud, Duran Duran, Usher, Enrique Iglesias, Nicki Minaj and the rest – Miranda Lambert’s glorious spot was an exception – Justin Bieber’s strip stole the show.


(Photo: Bieber pulls it off for CBS’s comeback fashion meets music night.)


Earlier Tuesday, Bieber teased fans — most of whom knew he was appearing at “Fashion Rocks,” due to hints from his team — by tweeting:

Just before his Magic Mike moment, the singer took to Twitter to alert his constituency of 54.4 million that he was about to hit the “Fashion Rocks” stage.

Post-strip, Justin (or someone in his team) hopped back on the online megaphone to post that hilarious vine above, along with, “Grandma always said kill ’em with kindness… and then strip on live national tv. Lol. ”

The arrest-prone, but always good value heartthrob, then wrote:

“Good times tonight. Thanks for having me tonight #FashionRocks. #mycalvins.)”

Job done. If the job is shocking America’s olds, delighting its young and zesting a tedious show with fun, life and seeming spontaneity.

The Biebs was seen meeting and greeting Brooklyn fans after the show, before clubbing with Usher, music producer /DJ’s Diplo, Skrillex, models Gigi Hadid and rumored former fling Adriana Lima at the Galore party at Queen of the Night at the Diamond Horseshoe in the Paramount Hotel.

We’re all agog for something a little more official from Calvin Klein.

But, either way, Bieber’s stage strip sure took a bite out of Tuesday night TV land stupor.

And then some.

Watch Bieber’s Strip:

Then hear the audience’s boos change to cheers:

Jusrin Bieber Strips Off For Fashion Rocks

(Photo: The Biebs gets his kit off for fashion, music and… contract.)

Justin Bieber

(Photo: Despite the boos, Bieber was all smiles.)

Justin Bieber

(Photo: Like a pro.)

Justin Bieber

[Images via Just Jared/Getty].