'Neighbors From Hell': Video Of Huntington Beach Woman Attacking Scooter Riding Roommate Goes Viral, Leads To Arrest

A woman from Huntington Beach, California, was captured on video throwing a tirade at her male electric-scooter bound roommate in their apartment complex parking lot. The tirade quickly spirals into a full blown assault when the irate woman dumps the man and his scooter over, then almost runs him down with her truck.

The video, posted on YouTube and titled, "Neighbors from hell: Huntington Beach, CA", has quickly gone viral as people try to understand the motivation behind the woman's outrageous behavior and deplorable acts (please be forewarned that the altercation includes foul language):

While the video clearly tells the surface-story of the woman attacking her scooter riding roommate and almost running him over, behind the scenes details give us the method behind the woman's madness in the form of the notoriously non-delightful drug, methamphetamine.

According to a report from the Orange County DA's office, following the above incident, the woman was arrested and charged not only with pushing her roommate off his scooter onto the ground, but also with driving under the influence of methamphetamine.

The woman, Laura Angela Cox, 47, of Huntington Beach, was arraigned today for the attack and the DUI. The one count each misdemeanor charges include, driving under the influence of drugs with a prior conviction, use and under the influence of a controlled substance, domestic violence battery, and an under $400 vandalism charge. Because of her prior driving under the influence conviction, Ms. Cox also faces an additional sentencing enhancement.

If convicted, Ms. Cox faces up to four years in the county lockup. A request that she be held with bail set at $20,000 will be made at her arraignment today.

The unfortunate incident began unfolding around 11:45 Sunday, Septemeber 7, 2014.

Ms. Cox was allegedly high on methamphetamine and, as the video shows, let loose a verbal barrage at her roommate, the electric scooter rider who is referred to as John Doe in the report. Mr. Doe had reportedly parked his scooter behind Ms. Cox's truck in an effort to block her from exiting the apartment complex parking lot. His unwillingness to move apparently upset Ms. Cox to the point where screaming at Mr. Doe no longer satisfied her anger, and so the hearty shove which sent him sprawling to the pavement, the scooter dumping over on Mr. Doe as well.

At that point Ms. Cox hopped into her pick-up truck, threw it into reverse and backed over the scooter while also coming dangerously close to Mr. Doe. The series of driving maneuvers that follow also come close to hitting the victim before Ms. Cox drives off into the Huntington Beach neighborhood, under the influence of methamphetamine all the while.

Ms. Cox was pulled over by Huntington Beach Police shortly thereafter and taken into custody.

Fortunately, the victim received no visible, or internal, injuries.

[Image and video via Youtube]