Man Hatches Plan To Kill Ex-Girlfriend By Dressing In A Bears Skin

In terms of the world’s dumbest criminals Clyde Gardner of New York is quite possibly the most idiotic. According to reports Clyde during his conspiracy to commit murder case revealed plans to dress up like a bear so he could kill his ex-girlfriend and get away with it free and clear.

At first Clyde tried to hire someone to run down his ex-girlfriend and then he revealed his first plan, he would kill a bear, skin it and then wear the bears skin at which point he would wait for his girlfriend to take out the trash and then attack her with the bears claws while wearing the bears paws to avoid any proof that a human was involved.

After deciding to abandon his first plan the 57-year-old former demolition derby drive who obviously took one too many hits allegedly asked a friend to kill his wife by running her over.

Gardner’s friend rather than obliging turned him into police and a short while later he was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Is this the dumbest act of criminal activity you’ve ever heard? Thankfully no bears were ever harmed and the idiot was put behind bars for a long time.