‘Total Divas’ Shocker: John Cena Shocks Nikki Bella With Ultimatum

In Sunday’s recap of Total Divas, WWE’s John Cena gave his girlfriend Nikki Bella an ultimatum: let’s get married or have kids — but not both.

The 15-time WWE Champion showed off his softer side by tapping out on not having any discussion with his gal pal about settling down, but it came with an unsuspecting caveat that was equivalent to a bit of John’s in-ring Attitude Adjustment.

Sunday’s deleted scene took place in the ginormous master bathroom while Nikki Bella was getting all gussied up. John Cena enters moments later, and the drama begins.

“Let me ask you something. Let’s just say I was to ask you to marry me, and we get married. Is that enough?”

The scene immediately switches to Nikki’s post-response after she was hit with a taste of her own Bella Buster, compliments of the man she desperately wants to settle down with and have babies.

“Whoa, stop the train for a second. Right when I think I get through one obstacle with him. Now there’s another one.”

The Total Divas diva admits to Cena that if she were hard-pressed on the issue about being a mother, she’d have to say “yes,” but she understands there are other things to consider.

John tries to get to the point and break things down without forcing Bella’s hand and getting into a cage match.

“I’m trying to be a realist. I’ve told you that I don’t want to get married and I don’t want to have kids and you do want to get married and you do want to have kids, so I feel there’s this time bomb over my head.”

But from the look on Nikki’s stoic expression, she was not winning this domestic grudge match.

A few E!Online readers shared their views on the recap and the dilemma John and Nikki find themselves in.

Ryan, obviously underwhelmed by the Total Divas season, shared some tough love on the show’s production.

“I don’t know why these two are billed as the stars of the show, when most of the viewers can’t stand them. Seriously don’t even want to watch anymore if this is how this season is going to be. Too much Nikki Bella, John Cena & Eva Marie. Quit bringing on new people if you refuse to share the tv time equally.”

Random Fan took a balanced approach and offered a bigger-picture look at John and Nikki’s topsy-turvy relationship.

“I don’t blame Nikki for not leaving him she probably really likes him cause there’s always a time when you fall in love, and you think the person is the one and you want to be with the person for the rest. of your life, you won’t really look at the persons terms your head is wrapped up in the person.”

And to round things out, reader, Lex, shared his “Blame it on Obama” best guess on why Total Divas cast members, and the network are failing to deliver the goods.

“Believe it or not, pro-wrestling actually had something interesting going on in it. That was about 16 years ago. They had crazy characters, and I actually was interested in what was going. This reality show stuff is so boring; I’m convinced it’s a conspiracy from the Obama Administration to make our nation dull-witted and so lethargic that we don’t question the government. AH!”

What do you think about John Cena’s Total Divas ultimatum to Nikki Bella? Should he man up and stop taking his girlfriend along for a ride? Or does he need a dose of the Undertaker to help him along? Nikki is probably thinking along these lines: suddenly “Cena vs. Lesnar 5” is looking better by the moment: hashtag, payback

[Image via: E!Online screengrab]