Prince William Concerned About Kate Middleton And Their Unborn Child

Rumors of Kate Middleton’s pregnancy have finally been confirmed as Kate was forced to cancel an engagement on Monday. Kate’s health is seemingly mimicking her first pregnancy, and Prince William is concerned that she take it easy and not over exert herself or the unborn child.

During Kate’s first pregnancy, she suffered form sever morning sickness, or hyperemesis gravidarum. According to hospital records from Monday, she is once again suffering from the same condition. News of the morning sickness forced the royal couple to announce the pregnancy prior to their expected announcement. Prince William is thrilled to welcome another member to their growing family, but he is focusing on his concern for Kate and her well being during the sensitive time in her pregnancy.

“It’s been a tricky few days, a week or so, but obviously we’re immensely thrilled, it’s great news.”

In true royal fashion, Prince William did not allow his concern to show, yet he continued by saying that the pregnancy is in its,

“early days, but I’m hoping things will settle down and she feels a bit better. I’m going to go back to look after her now.”

An official announcement of the pregnancy was issued by the palace, following Prince William‘s statement.

“Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to announce that the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting their second child,”

It may be too early to determine whether it is a boy or girl, although we do not know exactly how far along Kate is at this time. Rumors of a miscarriage have spread like wildfire around the internet over the last couple of months, which are surely weighing heavily on both Prince William and Kate’s minds as she suffers from the severe morning sickness. Undoubtedly, she will receive top notch care from her medical staff, and they will do all they can to make her pregnancy as comfortable as possible. Still, there is always a concern during a troubled pregnancy that is plagued by sickness.

During this time, we are bound to see more of Prince William and less of Kate Middelton, as she rests and takes care of herself and unborn child. It is doubtful that Kate will be able to attend Malta, as scheduled. There is no word on whether Prince William will go in her place.

Eyes will surely be on Prince William in all of his public appearances to analyze his demeanor and poise, taking guesses as to whether he seems stressed or relaxed, and using that information to gauge the progress of Kate and her morning sickness.

[Photo Courtesy: Photo Bucket]