Burger King Facebook App Offers Free Whopper for Dumping 10 Friends

Taste is something Burger King isn't famous for, and I'm not just talking about their food. Fresh from the offensive Whopper Virgins campaign, Burger King's latest crass attempt to sell Hamburgers is a Facebook application that gives users a free Whooper if they dump 10 of their Facebook friends.

Whopper Sacrifice explains it as follows:

What would you do for a free WHOPPER®? Would you insult an elected official? Would you do a naked handstand? Would you go so far as to turn your back on friendship? Install WHOPPER® Sacrifice on your Facebook profile and we'll reward you with a free flame-broiled WHOPPER® Sandwich when you sacrifice 10 of your friends*.
The limit is one Whopper per person, so you can't defriend 20 people and get two free Whoppers.

According to Facebook, the application has 15,802 active monthly users, and 212 fans.

Yeah, because snubbing 10 people makes for a great burger promotion. Crass and lame.