Mark Bosworth’s Family Says Finding Him Soon Is Critical

The family of Mark Bosworth says his condition is likely worsening and issued another appeal for help in finding him.

Mark’s oldest daughter Kelly Bosworth said on Thursday:

“We have learned that my dad’s condition will likely deteriorate quicker than we thought,” while addine, “We need to find him in the next few days.”

According to his family doctor’s are worried that his cancer has returned and gone to his brain affecting his memory, reasoning and judgment.

Bosworth’s doctor says if pressure continues to build up it could go to his brain stem and ultimately shut down his vital organs.

According to wife July Bosworth:

“Please redouble your efforts today to look for him and to spread his photo and his story to others.”

It has been two weeks since Mark Bosworth was last seen and according to his family he was complaining of headaches in the weeks leading up to the Cycle Oregon event and they say he would repeat himself on a regular basis.

Fliers have been distributed nationwide and a community bike ride is scheduled for Saturday to raise awareness. Among Mark’s supporters are Tour de France champions Lance Armstrong and Greg LeMond.

For more information everyone is urged to visit the official missing persons site for Mark Bosworth which was setup by the Sheriff’s office: and tips can be called into 541-957-2099 or 9-1-1.