Jay-Z And Beyonce Crash Stranger’s Wedding In Corsica, Take Pictures With Bride And Groom

Jay-Z and Beyoncé seem to be enjoying their vacation in Corsica, and one lucky couple just got the story of a lifetime.

The couple jetted off to Corsica to celebrate Beyonce’s birthday and the near completion of their summer “On The Run” tour. While there, the couple reportedly found their way to a stranger’s wedding, where they decided to take in some of the festivities.

The Standard Digital reported:

The power couple crashed a lucky bride’s wedding while they soaked up the sun on holiday in Italy – and she couldn’t have looked happier if she’d tried. The poor groom didn’t stand a chance next to these two. A very smiley Bey stood for snaps with the stunning bride, wearing a straw hat and a VERY low-cut flowery bikini for the impromptu party. Jay stood back to let his wife take the limelight after the pair had spent a romantic day together – shunning split rumours once and for all. Bey didn’t seem at all fussed that she was the most scantily-clad one there, and lapped up the attention as she held on to her new pal.

The vacation appears to be quieting some of the near-endless divorce rumors that Jay-Z and Beyoncé had faced recently. Sources say that Beyoncé has been on the verge of filing divorce papers after a number of reports emerged of her husband’s infidelity.

But they have seemed the picture of a happy couple on the trip, witnesses say. Jay-Z and Beyoncé have been seen getting quite close, and reportedly spared no expense for the trip. E! News reported that they chartered a luxury yacht for the trip, one that runs $800,000 a week.

A source told the site that the couple is trying to work on their shaky marriage.

“They’ve had their problems, but they’re still solid,” the source said. “Going away for Beyoncé’s birthday in September is a tradition they have. It’s a chance to get some quality time together and relax far from worries about their crazy work schedules.”

Jay-Z and Beyoncé will now head off to Paris to complete their “On The Run” tour next week.