David Bowie Announces New Music To Be Released In November

David Bowie has been making music for 50 years and today, his official Facebook page announced there is more new music to come. After nearly a decade-long absence from making records, Bowie unexpectedly released a new record in March 2013. Fans speculated it might signal a return to the stage for Bowie, but the iconic musician has remained silent.

The new music is the form of one track on a compilation record due out in November. According to Bowie’s Facebook announcement, the collection will span 50 years of Bowie’s music going back to his debut single in 1964. The new track is called “Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime).” The single will be released as a digital download as part of the collection and individually as a special edition 10-inch single. Those who go for the 10-inch receive an additional bonus: the B-side is another new single called “‘Tis A Pity She’s A Whore.”

The new music was produced by long-time collaborator Tony Visconti specifically for the new release.

Although the Facebook announcement included a mock-up picture, the statement said the actual artwork for the new record is still to come.

Bowie had fans on high alert earlier this summer, when he sent a note to a charity function that said there would be “more music soon.” Most were likely anticipating another full release or perhaps a live show. When Kate Bush made a recent triumphant return to the stage after a lengthy absence, Twitter was abuzz with false reports Bowie had joined her onstage.

As for the music, there may be other recordings lingering about the Bowie studio that are neither the new singles or the rarities due in the collection. In January of last year, when Bowie’s return was first announced, Visconti told Billboard they worked on 29 songs, only 17 of which made it onto versions of last year’s album, The Next Day.

Even at that time, Visconti made it clear Bowie was unlikely to be pressured into releasing more music or performing when he is not interested in doing so:

“He said to me, ‘I’ve played live for 30-odd years and given interviews, and I don’t want to do either of them anymore.’ They kind of fall into the same bag, the way he thinks. He just wants to make records. He feels like that’s what he’s entitled to do now.”

Nothing Has Changed, the name of the new compilation record, is a lyric from “Sunday,” the opening track of Bowie’s 2002 album Heathen. Check out a clip of “Sunday” below.

[Image: David Bowie/Facebook/Jimmy King]