‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Kunal Nayyar Promotes Cricket Documentary

Kunal Nayyar is translating his success on The Big Bang Theory into the pursuit of one of his loves: cricket. The actor recently told the Bangalore Mirror about the new documentary he has coming to Indian theatres that follows three real-life people and documents India’s 2011 World Cup win.

The actor’s official CBS biography calls him a “fanatical fan of cricket,” and says he has a “killer shoulder shimmy.” When questioned by the Mirror as to why Nayyar is releasing the film when “Indians don’t care for documentaries,” Nayyar said the subject matter has a strong appeal to Indian fans:

“If there was a topic for a documentary that speaks strongly to an Indian audience, it would be cricket. It is one game that unites people from all corners of the country, who may otherwise be separated along lines of region, language, caste, and class. And the 2011 World Cup was a watershed moment in Indian cricket history.”

As for that World Cup win, Nayyar told the publication he was in Las Vegas working when it happened. He drove to a remote British pub, draped in an Indian flag, to watch the match while Face-timing his family in New Delhi. When India won, he ran out into the streets crying and waving the flag in the early morning.

As for the film, Nayyar said they don’t have a large budget or promotional backing, but they do have a quality movie. The documentary is called Cricket World Cup 2011: Beyond All Boundaries and will be released September 26. That’s the same week that Nayyar and his Big Bang Theory cast mates will be back on television screens for the new season of the program.

Nayyar, like other players in the main cast, reportedly received significant raises after the most recent round of contract negotiations. Settled into his television routine and happily married to his wife Neha, Nayyar is an active Twitter user who occasionally uses the medium to promote positive ideas:

Nayyar also told the Mirror he is in talks to do a Hindi-language film in Bollywood. The new season of The Big Bang Theory featuring Nayyar and the rest of the cast debuts Sept 22 on CBS.

[Image: INFPhoto.com]