Silvio Berlusconi Had Secret Two-Year Affair with Former Miss Montenegro Katarina Knezevic

Katarina Knezevic, a 20-year-old model and former Miss Montenegro, recently came out with a few revelations about Silvio Berlusconi. Knezevic says that Berlosconi did not partake in the sleazy parties he had at his home, and she knows this because she is Berlosconi's live-in girlfriend.

The AFP reports that the young model has been dating the Italian Prime Minister since 2010 when he split with his wife Veronica Lario.

Knezevic said:

"I am Berlusconi's girlfriend and I live in Arcore. We have been together since the Noemi affair, when he separated from his wife."
Lario said that Berlusconi, who turned 75 today, was "a dragon to whom young virgins offer themselves" and that she couldn't be with a man "who frequents minors."

When news broke that he was dating a girl young enough to be his granddaughter, Lario said that the news "came as no surprise."

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The Daily Mail reports that several young girls who attended Berlusconi's parties have tried to blackmail him, but Katarina says that she never tried to do so.

Katarina said:

"Our relationship is not a mystery, even if we have tried to avoid being photographed together. All these talk about Silvio being blackmailed by the girls (who went to his parties) is rubbish. They are just jealous. I have never blackmailed Silvio, I could never do that and I don't need to do that."
And as far as age goes, the 20-year-old beauty says that age is not a factor in love.

Katarina said:

"In love age is not important - an extraordinary person like him could be 100 years old, it would have no effect on me, he would have still struck me."
What do you think? Is age really not a factor in love? Even if the two "lovers" are 55 years apart?