This Adorable Kid Dancing At A Wedding Shows Off Some Killer Moves As Video Goes Viral

Dancing at weddings is a tradition as old as weddings themselves, but in the modern era, dancing at weddings also makes for amazing YouTube videos. But we may have come across the best wedding dance video yet.

Check out this little boy, who appears to be between 5- and 7-years-old, cutting the rug with some devastating dance steps at this wedding. Blake Weir, who shot the video and presumably narrates it as well, gave no information on his YouTube page about where or when this wedding took place, or who was getting married. We’re going to assume the wedding was this weekend, or at least very recent, because the video was uploaded on Saturday.

But, so far, this little kid dancing has drawn more than a quarter-million views, and when you watch this viral cell phone video, you will easily understand why. If this young man doesn’t soon turn up on America’s Got Talent, that show loses all of its credibility with us.

The music playing in the background is Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline,” which leads us to believe that either the bride was named Caroline, or someone at the wedding is a big Red Sox fan.

Another wonderful element of this kid’s dancing is that it all appears completely spontaneous. Let’s face it, some of the admittedly awesome wedding dances that have made it on to YouTube were pretty elaborately choreographed.

But not this youngster, who just gets carried away dancing — and proves himself amazing to watch.