Ray Rice Jerseys Can Be Traded In For Pizza, Store Promises Donations

So, you’re stuck with a Baltimore Ravens number 27 jersey, and you don’t want to support a man who beats on women. What are you to do? If you live in Maryland, you can trade that now worthless jersey for pizza. Hersh’s Pizza and Drinks of Baltimore, Maryland, is offering free pizzas to any one who trades in a Ray Rice jersey. To make the deal better — as if it needs any further enticing — Hersh’s will donate $2.70 (you know, because Rice’s number is 27) to House of Ruth Maryland, an organization that helps battered women.

As revealed in an article in The Sporting News, the offer comes after video of Ray Rice hitting his then-fiancé, now-wife surfaced early this morning. The video, as presented in a previous story on The Inquisitr, which hadn’t been seen before today, clearly shows Rice deck his fiancé with a hard left, and her unconscious body crashes into the side of a elevator at a New Jersey casino where the couple had been staying.

Ray Rice was later released by the Baltimore Ravens and suspended indefinitely by the NFL. When the incident occurred, the NFL had originally suspended Rice for two games, amid cries of outrage from fans and players. NFL commissioner Roger Goddell responded that the penalty was not severe enough, but upheld the two-game suspension and then passed a decree that domestic violence would carry a six game suspension going forward.

The first instance of the new policy could be levied against San Francisco 49er Ray McDonald, who is under investigation for battery against a pregnant woman.

Trading in jerseys for players, whether they were traded away, as in Andrew Wiggins as part of the recent Kevin Love deal, walking away — as in the case of LeBron James first exodus out of Cleveland — or for criminal matters such as former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez’s pending murder trial, has become the rage for sports fans. Some fans forego trading and just burn them, as seen here.

Regardless if you want to burn the jerseys or trade them in, Baltimore Ravens fans who regret supporting a person (we won’t call him a man) who blatantly knocked out a woman now have an option. The fans can get a free pizza, help donate cash to a worthy organization, and be rid of an article of clothing they will most likely never wear again. If only Ray Rice was worthy of such a deal.

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