Ariana Grande Photo Shoot Canceled After Photogs Fail To Meet Demands

Ariana Grande canceled a photo shoot recently when she didn’t like the way her photos looked. Calling Ariana Grande a “POCKET rocket popette,” News reported that the singer had a laundry list of demands that needed to be met in order to ensure a successful photo shoot with media, which included mX photographer Chris Pavlich. However, when it became clear that she wasn’t going to get her way, Grande left the photo shoot in a Sydney hotel.

Grande reportedly wanted photographers to avoid using natural light. She also banned photogs from taking pictures of the right side of her face. The diminutive superstar asked to see each shot as it was taken and wasn’t shy about pointing out the pics that she wanted deleted, according to reports. A representative for Grande requested that Pavlich delete all photos taken before Grande left the Australian shoot. He declined, according to News.

Photographers waited for the pop star for a full hour, reported Daily Mail, assuming that Ariana Grande had returned to her room at The Darling Hotel to change her clothes. By the time she returned for an interview wearing a different outfit, the photographers had already been dismissed from the room.

A list of rules was also presented to interviewers, with several topics being branded verboten. The young adult pop star did not wish to field any questions about her love life, including any current or past romantic relationships. Nor did she wish to discuss collaborating with Justin Bieber or fellow diva Mariah Carey. Her recently departed grandfather, the canceled series Sam & Cat and co-star Jennette McCurdy were also off limits during the interview that followed the failed photo shoot.

Since Ariana Grande looks equally lovely from the right side or the left side, in natural or artificial light, it seems possible that reports of her diva-like behavior may have been exaggerated. It wouldn’t be the first time that something like this has happened. The multi-talented performer has been accused of demanding behavior in the past.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Ariana Grande developed a reputation as a “total diva” during the recent Stand Up To Cancer benefit. Fortunately, fans soon discovered that nothing could have been further from the truth. Joel Gallen, the executive producer and director of the benefit, refuted the ugly rumors and said that the young performer was “very gracious and a consummate professional” during the benefit.

[Image by Ariana Grande via Instagram]