Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez: Their Five Most Romantic Moments In Canada

Calling all Jelena watchers.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s on and off relationship — which, the Biebs confirmed is back on at a deposition earlier this week — has gone from passionate highs, furious lows, standoffs to sweet reunions, for over four years.

The couple’s rollercoaster ride has been an endless source of fascination and fury to fans and media. Neither seems to be able to stop watching, judging and talking about their “Un grand amour,” and who can blame them?

If it’s not Justin teasing Instagram snaps that get everyone going, it’s Selena looking like a million dollars every time she leaves her beau’s latest homes.

On Spyder bikes, horses, Segways, a Texas dance studio, Oslo, a Miami recording studio, bible study in Los Angeles, fun and games on a hiking trip, or exotic vacations in Hawaii — Jelena’s love has been all around the world, and now comes full circle at a perilous time in Justin’s life.

So, in recognition of his confirmation of their relationship, we selected five of the lovebirds’ most romantic moments in Canada — their most recent rendezvous and the place where it all seemed to come together, despite drama.


1: Who can forget the sight of the Biebs and SelGo holding hands, seemingly in their own world as they arrived at Waterloo Airport in Ontario, at the start of their Great White North escape on August 27.

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Hold Hands And Go Horseback Riding In Canada

It’s the sweetness of Jelena’s dynamic that’s revealed in this picture. Remarkably, hand-holding is the one thing we’ve never seen Justin do with any of the models or females he’s been linked with during his wild year-and-a-half.

2: The Instagram that defied deletion.

The Canadian singer posted the arty, black and white photo the same day he and Selena arrived in his native country.

It’s kind of unreadable, emotion-wise, which makes it even more interesting. Certainly, the 1.76 million commenters who “Liked” it seem to think so.

3: Justin is only seen briefly in the Instagram video Selena posted of their infamous ATV ride.

But the look of happiness on Selena’s face while Bob Marley’s “Keep on Moving” lilts in the background, only adds to the time capsule appeal of the clip.

4: Without question, the most romantic Bieber and Gomez picture ever.

The 20-year-old’s caption read “A Rainy dream” before he deleted it.

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez In 'A Rainy Dream'

The picture isn’t even particularly clear. But the stormy look of it contrasts sharply with the look of joy on Selena’s face as Justin lifts her up in the rain.

Time-wise, it was posted after the Biebs was arrested for dangerous driving and assault in Canada, which shows even a serious incident can’t derail the loved-up twosome.

5: We love this next one. On September 6, Justin and Selena went shopping in Toronto’s Eaton and Holt Renfew centers.

At one, they stopped at a perfume counter where Selena tried on scents, according to fans who sneaked shots.

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez

Justin is seen leaning in close to Selena’s neck as if he’s being asked for his opinion on a particular fragrance. It looks like he grabbed a swift kiss, and it’s a real boyfriend, girlfriend moment.

6: And here’s an extra moment from Canada, just because it’s the weekend.

When Selena flew out of Toronto on September 7, she wore a Zara T-shirt with the words “My boyfriend.” It appeared to be her way of answering rumors that her (“I live for a good boyfriend T-shirt, even if I don’t have one”) comment at her Adidas NEO Runway show a few days before, was a sign she and Justin had split up.

In short, it was a stylish middle finger to the speculation.

Selena Gomez Flaunts 'My BoyFriend' T-Shirt As She Flies Out Of Canada

Many of you will likely have your own favorite Justin and Selena moment from Canada, but we hope you enjoyed our list.

Will the pair last as a couple and go on to make a marriage commitment to each other? Or is this latest reunion just another chapter in the saga of Jelena?

Only time will tell.


[Images via Instagram/Twitter/PacificCoastNewsOnline.]