Justin Bieber Lawsuit: ‘I Don’t Recalls’ May Mean Psych-Neurological Evaluations

Justin Bieber’s possible bluff is being called in a civil lawsuit brought against him by a Miami paparazzo, to find out whether the pop star is lying about not remembering alleged incidents as he claims.

The 20-year-old could be forced to submit to psychological and neurological evaluations, if the lawyer acting for paparazzo Jeffrey Binion files a motion requesting it, and it’s granted by a Miami-Dade Circuit Court judge.

The evaluation threat – which could be humiliating, and certainly invasive for Bieber – has reportedly been stated to the Canadian’s lawyers in this case by attorney Mark DiCowden, who is representing Binion, 57.

News of a possible psychological, neurological probe comes hot on the heels of DiCowden asking Bieber if he had “brain damage” in a 30-minute, second deposition in Santa Monica Thursday.

The singer was judge-ordered to attend after refusing to answer queries about his on-off girlfriend Selena Gomez and others put by DiCowden, at his first, infamous, nearly five-hour deposition on March 6.

According to Gossip Extra, the “brain damage” question arose after Justin said he couldn’t recall details of the alleged incident Binion is suing him over, and other alleged incidents involving paparazzi.

Clearly, DiCowden, was prepared for that answer. Hence, the potential motion to compel Bieber to undergo psychological and neurological testing, to see if there is some physical or emotional reason he cannot remember specifics events as he reportedly claims.

(Video: Justin got upset when he was asked about Selena in his first deposition in March.)

Binion alleges Bieber ordered one of his bodyguards — Hugo Hesny, who is also being sued — and other security to attack him, after he was allegedly spotted taking pictures of Justin outside The Hit Factory recording studio in Miami on June 5, 2013. The paparazzo alleges Hesny held him in a chokehold and displayed a firearm, while other bodyguards stole his camera and memory card to delete photos.

Binion now wants millions in a lawsuit that was filed last year.

In yesterday’s deposition, after Bieber said he couldn’t recall details, DiCowden asked him: “Do you suffer from brain damage?” [Note: In Gossip Extra’s report yesterday, it was noted as: “Do you have brain damage?”]

The singer reportedly calmly replied, “I don’t.”

Justin then explained that he works on remembering lyrics, dance moves and music and forgets everything else. Bieber was also asked about his relationship with actress-singer Selena, and confirmed they are boyfriend and girlfriend during under oath questioning.

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Spotted In Toronto As Romance Rolls On Despte Drama

(Photo: Bieber confirmed that he and and Gomez are datinga again in the deposition..)

It’s claimed there’s case-law precedent, based on Bieber’s evasion in March and reported non-recall on Thursday, for DiCowden to file a motion for the psych-neurological exams.

Given that Bieber is being sued in multiple lawsuits by paparazzi and is reportedly claiming he cannot remember numerous alleged incidents about photogs, DiCowden’s motion may be granted.

On the other hand, the singer is known as a marijuana smoker (which reduces short term memory ), and he was amenable in his second deposition so the judge might rule that he was not avoiding questions.

In more legal news, Bieber and his bodyguards were captured in photos in farcical scenes as they arrived at the Santa Monica law offices of Howard Weitzman and partners for the Binion deposition.

A process server was waiting in the car park to slap Justin with a summons to a deposition in another civil lawsuit brought by another paparazzo, who is suing the singer and one of his bodyguards.

Photog Manuel Munoz claims Bieber’s bodyguard Dwayne Patterson chased, then locked him in a Subway restaurant in Miami, before demanding he delete photos Munoz allegedly took of the singer leaving SET nightclub in Miami on January 23.

As previously reported, there are discrepancies between Munoz’s account during a 911 call and his later lawsuit.

Justin Bieber Tries To AvoId Process Server

(Photo: Bieber running from the SUV to a lift in a Santa Monica car park on September 11.)

In shots, Bieber is seen running from a SUV in the car park to the elevator area after he and his group reportedly spent around 15 minutes trying to evade the process server by driving up several stories.

In the end, the process server reportedly left the summons on the windscreen of the SUV Bieber arrived in.

Between the DiCowden-Binion threat of forcible psychological-neurological tests and being chased by process servers, it’s a wonder Bieber’s leaving the house at all these days.

Justin Bieber

[Images via Just Jared.]

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