WWE News: Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts Out Of Hospital, But Told His Cancer Has Returned

Jake “The Snake” Roberts is a WWE Legend and Hall of Famer. Very few were as good at ring psychology as Roberts. Most feel he wrote the book on it. If you watched him in the ring when he was in his prime, you’d probably agree that not many wrestlers could compare. His mic ability was superb. He never had to speak loudly or get in your face to prove a point. He could tell you in a soft tone that he was going to hurt you, and you would believe every word he had to say. There are very few who when they speak, you listen to every word. Roberts is one of those people.

Jake was sick lately. First he caught the flu, and after ignoring doctors orders to stay home, he ended up getting pneumonia. Most were concerned for him because he was said to have passed out on a plane ride to Las Vegas, Nevada. Upon landing at the airport, Jake was rushed to the nearest hospital, and he was told once treatment was started that he had double pneumonia. This means that both lungs were at risk instead of one from the infection.

For someone like Jake, who has been a drug addict, his lungs are not in the greatest of shape. So, it is not crazy for him to pass out or potentially have several other complications from pneumonia. So, Jake was said to be fighting for his life. Finally, after treatment, he was able to be released from the hospital recently.

Upon leaving the hospital, Jake immediately went to a Future Stars of Wrestling event. He told the live crowd how he was and that his cancer had returned.

He told the crowd that “If you can beat drug addiction, you can beat cancer.”

He told the crowd that the WWE was really good to him after finding out that he was not doing well. WWE actually called up one of Jake’s children and paid for them to fly out to be with their father. Something WWE obviously did not have to do, but did to be good to one of their own.

WWE has been very supportive of both Jake Roberts and Scott Hall since they teamed up with Diamond Dallas Page to get cleaned up. Both WWE Hall of Famers have done well. Jake and Scott are both proud to call themselves clean. Jake credits DDP for saving his life, but at the end of the day, he had to decide to help himself. DDP was a good encouragement through the entire thing, but Jake was the one who got himself clean. Which is awesome.

While the location of his cancer has not been confirmed, it is rumored to be in his chest this time around. Jake will most likely begin treatment soon. He had a tumor removed from his leg months ago, so it is not uncommon to see cancer return to the body. It is almost impossible to know where it can end up.

Jake will be staying with Sin Bodhi, known to WWE fans as Kizarny, until he is able to travel back to Georgia. Let us hope that Jake can beat cancer once more like he has with his addictions. WWE fans will surely support him.

[Image Via notinhalloffame.com]