Aaron Maybin Re-Signed By New York Jets

“We just wanted to bring in a guy that we felt pretty good about,” while adding, “He’s somebody that knows our system and can maybe contribute for us.”

Speaking about his up and down and up again season Maybin said:

“While it was difficult for me and it was frustrating — I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t frustrating — I still understood that the team came first and that was what they felt was best for them at that point in time,” while adding, “All I could do was continue to work and be ready when the opportunity presented itself again.”

Maybin admitted that when he was cut by the Jets they had expressed interest in reevaluating his role on the team at another time. Maybin told the Washington Post:

“At the end of the day, I understand that football is a business…I understand the fact that the team is in a position where they needed guys at certain positions. Even though I had made certain contributions in the preseason, they still needed guys to come in and fill roles that they just didn’t have at that point in time.”

While he admits to only learning part of the teams defensive playbook over the summer he says coming in now he “most definitely” can help with the pass rush.

Do you think Maybin’s entry onto the team can give them the help they want on the defensive side.