Austin Mahone Honors Joan Rivers With Touching Instagram Post

Todd Rigney

Austin Mahone thought the world of late comedian Joan Rivers. The Texas-born singer recently expressed his sadness over her passing with a touching post on Instagram.

It seems as though there isn't a person on the planet that Rivers didn't touch in one way or another. Whether you loved her abrasive brand of humor or hated every word that toppled out of her mouth, it's safe to say that Joan always made folks pay attention.

Among the countless celebrities mourning the comedian after her shocking death earlier this month was Austin Mahone. The singer had a chance to hang out with Joan during his visit to the set of Fashion Police not too long ago. Although Austin might be a little too young to truly appreciate everything she's done in the world of comedy, it's obvious that Rivers left her mark on the young man.

Mahone had this to say about the comedian in a post on Instagram.

"Rip Joan it's insane to think I was just on her show not too long ago... and how fast things can change. Never take advantage of the time you have with the ones you love."

Of course, Austin Mahone isn't the only celebrity paying tribute to Rivers after her passing. According to The Hollywood Reporter, former Saturday Night Live cast member Chris Rock had nothing but praise for the late comedian. Instead of saying that she broke down barriers for women in comedy, Rock takes it one step further. In his opinion, she was one of the funniest people to ever walk the earth. Period.

"She was 81 years old. In the history of comedy, no comedian has ever been that old and still hip. Hey, I love [Bill] Cosby — slowing down a bit. Rickles — slowing down a bit. I know comedians 40 years younger than Joan Rivers that are still telling Reagan jokes and Clinton and all sorts of lame references that they should have thrown out years ago."

Rock said he loved her ability to keep the material fresh.

"Joan Rivers never hung on to anything. She's like, 'OK, I'm doing Liz Taylor jokes. Oh she's done? There must be a new fat b***h to make fun of.' She did not f**king play. You know what I mean? She's like, 'I got Lindsay Lohan. What's Justin Bieber doing?' She didn't give a f**k. She was the hippest comedian from the time she started to the day she died. So don't put Joan Rivers in a box, because she's like Mount Rushmore."

[Lead image via Patrick Hoffmann / WENN]