Jennifer Lawrence Nude Photos Being Displayed Publicly To Protect Privacy

Jennifer Lawrence’s nude photos are getting harder to find on the internet, but one artist is giving the public a chance to get a really good look at them.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, guerrilla artist XVALA is going to display some of Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton’s nude photos at an upcoming art show called “No Delete.” XVALA printed life-sized versions of the photos on canvas, and he’s planning on displaying them next month at Cory Allen Contemporary Art’s The Showroom in St. Petersburg, Florida.

According to E! News, XVALA and Cory Allen Contemporary Art (CACA) faced a huge public backlash after making their plans known. However, Cory Allen contends that the prints of the stolen photos really are art.

“Transforming those images to canvas presents them in a different light. It makes them real.”

Allen revealed that neither he nor XVALA have been contacted by Lawrence or Upton’s legal team. The FBI is investigating the massive celebrity hacking, and Jennifer’s rep claimed that those who post the nude photos online risk being prosecuted. The legal threats have helped — Reddit recently shut down “The Fappening” subreddit where many of the nude photos were being shared.

Cory Allen bizarrely claims that XVALA is displaying Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton’s stolen property because he wants their privacy to be protected.

“We hope the conceptual value of this project will help address issues that will help find better ways to protect an individual’s information,” he explained. “To gain back our privacy.”

However, it’s obvious that Allen and XVALA don’t care about Jennifer Lawrence’s privacy — if they did, they wouldn’t be violating it by sharing her nude photos at a public event. They even decided to do one worse than the hackers by making her stolen photos life-sized.

In his response to the public backlash, XVALA had the gall to commend those who are fighting for the right to privacy. These are the same people who think that what he’s doing is exploitative and wrong.

XVALA’s most famous pieces of “art” consist of trash from Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber’s dumpsters, so maybe the “artist” needs to start creating artwork instead of lazily taking other people’s stuff and claiming that there’s some deep meaning behind it.

Unfortunately, Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t just have to worry about XVALA’s farcical art show. Celeb Dirty Laundry is alleging that Lawrence’s rumored boyfriend Chris Martin isn’t happy about the massive nude photo dump, and now he’s considering dumping her. This information comes from an unnamed source, so it should definitely be taken with a grain of salt.

The rumor might not be true, but Celeb Dirty Laundry created a laundry list of reasons that Chris Martin might want to ditch Jennifer Lawrence, including an allegation that her phone contained info about the Coldplay singer that could damage his career.

“In the end, it’s probably a combination of embarrassment, humiliation, concern, and pressure from his ex-wife that’s been causing Chris to have second thoughts about his relationship with Jennifer.”

If Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin really are dating, hopefully this isn’t true — the last thing she needs right now are tabloids screaming about their breakup and how the nude photos played a part in it.

[Image credit: Guff, Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images via E! Online]