WWE: Ric Flair To Introduce Kenta AT NXT Takeover 2, Will He Join Charlotte As Manager After?

Acting for the WWE, Ric Flair is rumored to introduce Japanese wrestler Kenta at NXT Takeover 2 (Electric Boogaloo) this Thursday. But the real question is whether Kenta will have his ring debut match, never mind if Charlotte will lose to Bayley so she and her father can team up on the main WWE roster.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Ric Flair says he once saw Andre the Giant consume 106 beers in five hours, which is actually pretty believable if the other rumors about the wrestler were true.

Technically, Kenta was already introduced into the WWE NXT universe this past Thursday at a house show in Cocoa, Florida, which wasn’t televised. While the reporters of The Inquisitr did not see Ric Flair wondering around, when Kenta came into the ring dressed in a black suit his promo was was interrupted by Tyler Breeze, Sami Zayn and NXT Champion Adrian Neville, who came sauntering in last while carrying his belt. The following exchange included some joking banter and welcoming handshakes from the other men.

While some reports seem uncertain whether Kenta will actually be wrestling at NXT Takeover 2, everyone at the show in Cocoa seemed to be under the impression that was the plan. There was also a lot of talk about the NXT title so it seems very likely Kenta will be given a shot at the belt sooner, not later. As might be expected, all four men exchanged banter over who is most likely to win the NXT title match, although Tyler Breeze acted as if he did not even know who the heck Kenta was (maybe he’d recall if Kenta photobombed one of his selfies?). That insult earned the furry wannabe some boos from the crowd and he took a hint and left the ring first.

While the rumor about Ric Flair wasn’t mentioned by Kenta at the house show, the idea is that the legend will give a credibility boost to the newcomer by doing the intro for his first TV debut. This theme is similar to the rumor about Flair’s daughter, Charlotte. The belief is that Charlotte will lose the NXT Divas title to Bayley at the WWE NXT Women’s Title match at Takeover 2. Technically, Bayley already beat Charlotte in a non-title match at Cocoa, but the televised airing of NXT on Hulu and WWE Network only shows Charlotte continuing to win against Bayley.

The reason Ric Flair will be partnered with Charlotte as her manager is twofold. The first reason is that WWE management has been trying to figure out a way to get the Nature Boy close to the ring in a long term position. The second is to boost Charlotte aka Ashley Fliehr so she can be involved with Paige and AJ Lee’s Divas Championship story line upon debuting in the WWE.