President Obama Asks Supreme Court To Rule On Health Care

President Obama on Wednesday launched a Supreme Court defense in his landmark health care overall. The Obama administration officially appealed a ruling by the Atlanta federal appeals court that struck down the core requirement of the plan which requires individuals to buy health insurance or pay a penalty beginning in 2014.

The case has been bound for the Supreme Court for some time now and could end up being voted upon just in time for a major election-year ruling.

Countering the Obama defense 26 states and the National Federation of Independent Business also asked for a review today, arguing that the entire health care law not just the individual insurance mandate should be struck down as unconstitutional.

Speaking out against arguments raised in courts across the country Congress continues to argue that the health care bill is well within their constitutional power. Business groups and the 26 states involved have asked that the justices make a decision before the 2012 Presidential election, they argue uncertainty over costs and requirements has made the bill not feasible.

Do you believe that government mandated health insurance oversteps the bounds of constitutionality.