Pilot Nearly Flips Over Passenger Jet [Strange Accident]

A pilot for All Nippon Airways earlier this month almost completely flipped over a passenger jet when he accidentally turned the rudder trim knob instead of the knob that unlocks the cabin door.

The plane turned 131.7 degrees bringing it almost belly-up and causing the jet to plummet nearly 6,200 feet in 30 seconds from an original height of 41,000 feet.

After the incident it was revealed that only the flight attendants were injured (none severely) and four passengers were left feeling nauseated.

According to the Transport Safety Board it's likely that “The centrifugal force may have helped lessen the impact on passengers.”

While it may seem like a silly mistake for a pilot to make the actual control panel on the Boeing 737-700 has the rudder control just inches away from the cockpit door knob.

The photo shown above is a graphical representation of what the plane would like like when turned 131.7 degrees, a perfect illustration of why passengers should remain buckled in their seats even when the seatbelt sign is turned off.

Hopefully All Nippon Airways pilots won't have this same problem when they begin flying the first Dreamliners.

If your plane nearly flipped all the way over would you be flying again anytime in the near future?