Exhausted Man Begs Wife For Divorce: Her Insatiable And Unnatural Lust Hospitalizes Him

An exhausted and broken man has pleaded desperately with a judge for the permission to divorce his sex-crazed spouse because her carnal appetites have all but destroyed him.

The desperate husband explained to the family court in Mumbai that his frisky wife had continually harassed him to satisfy her enormous sexual desires since the pair wedded in April 2012.

The Times of India reported that the man alleged his horny bride forced him into having unnatural sex whenever her desire dictated.

The man went on to explain how his frisky wife had bled him dry in the boudoir and refused to accept no for an answer.

The hapless husband complained that any resistance to her amorous advances was futile because she would then turn her cruel tongue on him and verbally abuse the poor man until he ending up succumbing to her persistent demands.

The man said that such was his demanding wife’s insatiable lust that she would supply him with medication and force him to consume alcohol in a fruitless bid to put a little extra lead in his pencil and steel in his resolve.

The court heard how the exhausted husband worked three shifts which would leave him completely spent, but his wife still demanded more and would insist time and time again that he shook his leg, pulled his finger out, got his head down and performed his marital duties.

He alleged that if he didn’t capitulate to his wife’s carnal will and satisfy her every whim she threatened to find a man who would.

In December 2012 the man was hospitalized with stomach problems and was advised by doctors to abstain from any physical relationship while he recovered.

Needless to say his wife didn’t pay any heed to the medical experts’ advice and went after her sick husband with a renewed and all-conquering vigour which was determined to have its wicked way.

The man insists his health deteriorated as a result of his wife’s unremitting demands, but the final straw for the harassed and hounded husband came in October 2013.

When he was struggling to recover from appendicitis, the vivacious lady was said to have shown no mercy on her poor frail husband and insisted he still bent to accommodate her every request.

He begged her to visit a psychiatrist and get help for her addiction but she refused.

The man insisted it was intolerable for him to bear any more atrocities and that he was afraid for his health should the marriage continue. He claimed her insatiable desire for sex made it impossible for them to live together under one roof.

The judge apparently agreed and the long-suffering man’s divorce was granted.