Amanda Knox's Dad Says She'll Plead For Her Life

An Italian appeals court could decide as early as this weekend if imprisoned American Amanda Knox will be set free or remain in the Italian jail system.

Knox's attorneys have long claimed that there is simply not enough evidence to keep her behind bars for the 2007 murder of then roommate Meredith Kercher.

On Wednesday Knox's family had the chance to visit with her, including her father Curt Knox who said his daughter is anxious as the appeal draws to an end. Curt told The Early Show on Wednesday morning:

"We want to be strong for her, to try to keep her spirits up. You know, she knows she is innocent and we know she is innocent. It's a matter of having the court say that and, hopefully, we get to bring her home soon."
Speaking about the case one of Knox's defense attorney's noted:
"There was no evidence against Raffaele and Amanda. Everything in the investigation is based on nothing."
One of her attorney's likened his client in court to the Roger Rabbit character Jessica Fox:
"I think Amanda Knox could be compared to Jessica Rabbit. You know, Jessica Rabbit's line: 'I'm not bad. Just drawn that way.' She is not like that, just portrayed that way."
Curt Knox also revealed that his daughter would address the court, when asked what she will say he said:
"We have discussed it, but, you know, it's going to be tough - it's going to be very painful, just from the perspective of, you know, essentially pleading for your life and that is a tough thing to deal with as a 24-year-old."
What do you think Amanda Knox needs to say as she addresses the court?