Liam Payne Appreciates Niall Horan’s ‘Fresh Cotton’ Smell

Liam Payne recently filled his nostrils with the pleasing scent of Niall Horan.

Okay, that’s an admittedly bizarre opening line, but that’s precisely what happened during Payne’s recent chat with Cosmopolitan. At some point during Liam’s chat with the publication, he leaned over to his bandmate and enjoyed a quick sniff. We understand if you need to take a jealousy break. We’ll wait until you’re ready.

Good to go? According to Sugarscape, Payne and Horan were sitting next to one another when the aforementioned sniff session took place. Fortunately for both singers, they showered prior to the interview. Instead of brutally stabbing their senses with fermented body odor, they were able to enjoy the smells without an overwhelming amount of offense. Liam seems to truly appreciate his buddy’s unique aroma.

“I just think Niall smells of fresh cotton,” Liam Payne said of his Irish pal.

Instead of letting Payne have all the fun, Horan decided to partake in Payne’s distinct scent. Niall remarked, “You’re a cotton-y man too.”

He added, “It’s probably just whatever the washing up liquid was.”

Okay, we know what you’re thinking. “This isn’t news, Inquisitr! We already know that Liam Payne and the One Direction fellas smell absolutely wonderful. Why don’t you tell us something that isn’t already a part of our daily lives?”

On that note, check out this clip of Harry Styles licking Liam Payne’s finger. Sure, it appears as though Styles misses Payne’s digit by a few inches, but the tongue flick was certainly enough to get the 1D fans all worked up. To be perfectly honest, it really doesn’t take much to get Directioners squealing with unbridled delight these days.

Check out Liam Payne’s close encounter with Harry Styles’ mouth below. It’s only a few seconds long, but we’re certain you’ll want to watch it on a loop.

As you can tell, Liam and Harry’s fans loved the clip.

However, we wouldn’t advise searching for “Liam Payne lick” on Twitter.

@Real_Liam_Payne would you rather eat chocolate or lick zayns face. I know youre gonna choose the second option. (:

— Zulalstagram (@lolurnotliam2) September 3, 2014

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[Lead image via Entertainmentwise]