ISIS Threat: Is Israel The Best Chance Of Stopping It?

The ISIS Threat has invited a large amount of criticism for President Obama and his “we have no strategy” approach. Thus far, the Obama approval rating has taken a tumble over it, falling to just 38 percent against 54 percent who disapprove, and that’s with a supposedly recovering economy.

Islamic State militants, led in part by London rapper L Jinny many allege, have callously decapitated two U.S. journalists, and it’s likely they will slaughter more before the President fashions a long-term effective response.

But with the Sotloff death, ISIS may have made World War III inevitable and affected the mass slaughter of themselves and countless innocents.

Steven Sotloff, the freelance American journalist we now mourn, was also an Israeli citizen. And we need only look as far as Gaza to see what Israel does to countries or military factions that murder its citizens.

I believe if Israel gets involved, the ISIS Threat will have met its match, and I believe the end will come sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, it will also come at the expense of many innocent Arab lives. People who disagree thoroughly with the ISIS Threat are in danger of execution simply because they share the same skin color.

Israel is fiercely protective of its own, and that’s something the United States has lost since 9/11. With each day the President fails to bring “L Jinny,” or whoever is responsible for these deaths, to justice, we move closer and closer to World War III, and it may already be too late for anyone to stop it. Furthermore, President Obama mistakenly thinks that if you remove one threat with “military precision” the way Seal Team Six allegedly did with Osama bin Laden, then the problem is somehow fixed.

He also thinks that if we remove our troops from the region of Iraq and allow the country to govern itself, they will respect us for staying out of their affairs and the world will be a safer place.

Wrong again.

The unfortunate thing is that our military is strong enough to handle this threat on its own. But since the Vietnam War, politicians have used international conflict as a toy for building their own popularity ratings at the cost of American lives. Instead of giving the military the tools and the power they need to win the wars we start, we send them into battle and allow a suit with no military combat experience to make all the decisions as if they somehow know best.

Our guys aren’t allowed to do what needs to be done to win a war. They are instead directed to fight for stalemate. In other words, to die in vain.

This is where the people we’ve elected have taken us. The ISIS Threat is very real, but in a way similar to prostate cancer. You catch it early, you have a great shot of beating it. Refuse to go to the doctor when the warning signs are staring you in the face, and it’ll eventually kill you.

Which will it be?

Israel has ways of dealing with these threats. These ways are not often kind, but they are effective. And who can blame Israel? Its people have seen what can happen if a great evil wants to annihilate you. It can start from humble beginnings and grow exponentially until you’re hiding in attics and sewers.

Don’t think for a minute the ISIS Threat wouldn’t want to take us to that place. Hopefully, Israel will get involved to stop it, because for now, it looks like our strategy is blasé at best. And now is when we really need one.

[Image via Colman Lerner Gerardo /]