Michael Dunn Doesn't Want Jordan Davis Called A 'Victim,' Wants Trial Away From Jacksonville Due To Prejudice

Michael Dunn has long claimed he is the real victim in the so-called "loud music trial" and his lawyer is now asking that everyone be required to not list Jordan Davis as the victim. Dunn's lawyers have also requested that Michael Dunn's trial be moved out of the Jacksonville area because the notoriety of the alleged crime would create prejudice toward the defendant.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, even though the attorneys for Dunn did not invoke Florida's Stand Your Ground law the shooting of Jordan Davis has been politically linked to efforts to create more gun control laws. The parents of Davis have also been publicly stating that Stand Your Ground "encourages confrontations by removing the duty to retreat."

Dunn is already facing 75 years in prison for three counts of attempted murder and one count of firing into a vehicle. The next phase of the Michael Dunn trial will face the question of whether or not he is guilty of first degree murder. The Florida Times-Union reports that on Monday Dunn's attorney, Waffa Hanania, will present motions to Circuit Judge Russell Healey to move the trial away from Duval County.

"This case has generated a tremendous amount of pretrial publicity in Duval County, Florida," the motions read. "Some of which has been erroneous and misleading, and all of which has been extremely prejudicial to the defendant.... These articles have disclosed numerous specific facts that would not normally reach the general public, all of which have created an extreme amount of prejudice against this defendant, as evidenced by the comments posted online in reference to most published articles.... This case has generated much discussion amongst the Duval County community, which has resulted in the defendant also being tried and convicted in the court of public opinion."

Dunn's attorney also wants to prevent anyone from referring to Jordan Davis as a "victim" because that would be biased and she also doesn't want anyone in attendance at the courthouse to be able to wear anything supporting Davis. These motions mirror the way Dunn has represented himself since the beginning of the case. Back in December of 2012 said he was the victim in a phone call.
"I'm the f**king victim here, I was the one who was victimized. I mean I don't know how else to cut it, like they attacked me, I'm the victim. I'm the victor, but I was the victim too."
At the time of the shooting, Dunn says saw Davis produce a weapon of some type, possibly a shotgun but police say the vehicle driven by the teens didn't contain any weapon at all other than a four-inch tactical knife. Dunn previously asked, "Is it possible when they drove off they dumped it?" Police say the teens "drove off, circled right back around and came right back to that spot." The defense claims the teens had "ample time to get rid of a firearm or pipe" since police did not search the grounds for several days. Two witnesses also initially told police the teens appeared to be "stashing" something.