WWE News: Brock Lesnar’s Next Challenger Is Finally Revealed

To think the WWE made all of the fans believe that no man could beat Brock Lesnar, they swerved us all once again. If John Cena ends up getting squashed in two weeks, which would be the smart decision, Lesnar and Paul Heyman will need an opponent.

Answers like Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt, Cesaro, Randy Orton, Dean Ambrose, and Jack Swagger do not answer the challenge of the Beast Incarnate. Reason being: None of them are realistic opponents. None of them would pose a challenge to Lesnar. So, the WWE has to find someone intimidating enough for Lesnar to face.

SeScoops.com is reporting that Lesnar’s next opponent has been chosen, and it makes sense physically, but logically, he has no shot against Lesnar.

“It appears as though will be the next challenger for WWE World Heavyweight Championship after the Lesnar vs. rematch at the upcoming WWE pay-per-view.

Although Lesnar already squashed Big Show at the WWE pay-per-view earlier this year, the belief is that WWE is too light when it comes to top Superstars who are believable as an opponent for Lesnar.”

It will be fun to watch the Big Show get dominated in a month and a half. Watch the Royal Rumble to see a preview for their little feud. Believe it or not, the match wasn’t too bad. Two huge guys going at it created quite the clash at the big pay-per-view.

Due to Brock Lesnar’s new contract, the WWE is able to do a multitude of things with him and Heyman. Instead of having to wait until the Royal Rumble 2015 to see Lesnar again, he might actually be around for the long-term. Show can just be a nice little warm-up until Lesnar feuds with somebody legitimate.

This may sound a bit crazy, but the man after Big Show should be Rusev. Yes, that would be like killing the momentum of Dean Ambrose or Bray Wyatt. Wait, WWE just did that two weeks ago and Ambrose is off TV filming a low-rate production.


Their pushes are stymied at the moment, so why not feed Rusev to the wolves? It will give him and Lana a chance to be in the spotlight. Plus, they can book Rusev in a way of knocking Lesnar down a few times on Raw and Smackdown, then have Lesnar pull away at the pay-per-view.

Also, Ryback is coming back from injury in a month or so, I believe. That isn’t confirmed, but when Ryback does return, he is a guy with whom Lesnar could have good matches.

WWE wants big men to battle Brock Lesnar. Well, two are listed directly above this sentence. It will take precision and good writing to book both as legit contenders. That may be asking too much.

[Images via wwenews.net and bleacherreport.com]