Rick Ross Raps Michael Brown Shooting, Slams Ferguson Police Brutality

Rick Ross is taking his rap to a political level by rapping about the Michael Brown shooting and how the Ferguson police allegedly used too much force in response to the rioting.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, some people believe the Michael Brown shooting is more important to President Barack Obama than the plight of American soldier Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi. Another police officer is being investigated for racially motivated arrests after the cop texted that he wished “a Ferguson” on Baton Rouge and discussed how he hated the “African monkeys” in his department and also how he loved arresting “thugs” who wore saggy pants.

Late last month, Rick Ross joined The Game to create a single track called “Don’t Shoot,” which also featured Diddy, 2 Chainz, Fabolous, Wale, DJ Khaled, Swizz Beatz, Yo Gotti, Curren$y, Problem, King Pharaoh, and the R&B supergroup TGT. At the time, the Compton rapper explained why they all worked together to address the Ferguson riots.

“The issues in Ferguson really hit home for me and I feel compelled to use my musical platform to address this,” The Game told Rolling Stone. “I am a black man with kids of my own that I love more than anything and I cannot fathom a horrific tragedy like Michael Brown’s happening to them. This possibility has shaken me to my core. That is why this song must be made and why it was so easy for so many of my friends to come together and unite against the injustice. I managed to get everyone on board fairly easy, simply because we have the hearts. We care and are inclined to take a positive approach to resolving an issue that has existed since the beginning of mankind and that is racism and hatred towards one another as human beings.”

The message was pretty clear, with the chorus saying, “Time to take a stand and save our future / Like we all got shot, we all got shot / Throwing up our hands, don’t let ’em shoot us.”

But Rick Ross has more to say on the topic of the Ferguson shooting, so he used his “Black & White” remix to include some new verses that reference police brutality and the usage of tear gas in the streets.

“Wanna gun me to the ground like I’m Michael Brown/ Settled in the projects, now you knock it down…. Middle finger up if they ever try and read me my rights/ Hangin’ out the window screaming ‘F the police!'”

What do you think about Rick Ross’ rap on the Michael Brown shooting?