Westboro Baptist Church Protest Will Target Joan Rivers' Funeral, Calls Her A 'F*g Enabler In Hell'

Patrick Frye

The latest Westboro Baptist Church protest is targeting Joan Rivers' funeral, claiming the famous comedian is currently in hell.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, shortly after Robin Williams' death, the Westboro Baptist Church began carrying signs claiming that "Robin is in hell." But at least one Christian friend of the famous comedian says Williams "accepted Jesus Christ" while in rehab.

In general, the Westboro Baptist Church will picket practically any major event in order to draw attention to their message. The WBC tends to target anyone who supports the homosexual community or any other position they dislike, but sometimes they will simply go after an event because it is controversial. For example, one Westboro Baptist Church protest targeted Michael Brown, the man whose death triggered the Ferguson riots, but they also went after the openly gay NFL player Michael Sam.

The Westboro Baptist Church Twitter account has been suspended due to the tweets about Joan Rivers, but they are still able to use other parts of social media in order to their hateful message out to the world. For example, in a photo posted on the group's Instagram account, the WBC labeled the recently deceased Rivers a "F*g Enabler in Hell." The attached comment went even further in condemning the comedian.

"Joan Rivers wasted her 81 years being a cruel, vain, mocker of sin and God, serving herself and not giving a care for her, her daughter's or her fans' souls. Shame on anyone who DOESN'T picket her funeral! (Physically or digitally.)"

One of the response comments on Instagram appropriately put the WBC in their place.

"I'm pretty sure that God also hates when someone judges someone else. He says that the measure you use to judge someone, will be used against you twice fold. So, who are you to say that she is going to hell? Only God has that power. You should know this already. After all, you claim to be a Christianity page."

It's possible these specific attacks are an act of revenge by the Westboro Baptist Church since Joan Rivers famously supported an Indiegogo campaign for a satirical musical called God Hates This Show: Shirley Phelps-Roper In Concert, Live From Hell. Phelps-Roper was formerly the spokesperson for the Westboro Baptist Church, although during this past year she had her role reduced within the WBC organization.