RISK goes all Metal Solid Gear

I don’t know how many weekend nights I lost when I was younger because of RISK weekends but it was one of my most favorite board games ever and now it seems that someone has decided to modernize it.

Instead of plastic men you can now play with plastic soldiers from different corporations that are lead by the characters from the Metal Gear Solid characters. The game contains 290 custom pieces, 5 PMC armies, 8 Bosses, and Outer Haven battleship, Drebin’ Shop cards, territory cards, PMC headquarters, a custom Outer Haven game board, and 7 dice.

Pre-orders for the limited run of 2,014 will open on October 3 and close on November 15; or at least until the supplies run out.

Here are some images from the game starting with the game board.

via Geekosystem