Naked Skier: Vail Ski Lift Mishap Leaves Man Hanging Pantless [Photo]

Have you seen the naked skier? A man at Colorado’s Vail ski resort found himself hanging from a ski lift, upside down and pantless, for a good several minutes last week.

Naked Skier: The Vail Chairlift Accident

The “ski bum,” as he’s been dubbed, apparently got into a ski lift in which the seat was not fully lowered. He fell through the gap and ended up dangling from the Vail chairlift with no way out.

Naked Skier Vail Chairlift
Click to enlarge. (Generally safe for work — you really can’t see much.)

Skier Suffers Exposure

The man’s ski became jammed and his pants — well, you saw it. The Smoking Gun reports the Vail chairlift accident caused no injuries. According to the official report cited by TSG, the man was upside down for about seven minutes before staff members were able to get him out.

You can see more images of the pantless skier snapped by witnesses, including his rescue, here. His identity, thankfully for him, hasn’t been released — and can’t be easily ascertained in any of the snapshots, either. (At least, not unless you can recognize a guy from his bum.)

UPDATE: The photographer who took the pictures has been suspended.
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